By Vincent Lyn

UNEQUAL JUSTICE in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, UNEQUAL TREATMENT, UNEQUAL PROTECTION, and UNEQUAL RIGHTS. Urgent Circumstances and Matter of Great Public Interest — Life Threatening.

On December 9, 1996 Jimmy Ryan, a U.S. citizen, was born healthy. However, clear and convincing medical record evidence, audio recorded evidence, witness testimony evidence, and other direct evidence proves beyond a shadow of doubt: Jimmy Ryan is a tragic child victim of the most shockingly evil racially and ethnically motivated human experiments inflicted on a U.S. child in the 21st century.

Overwhelming evidence proves the U.S. State Department, FBI, and Department of Justice (DOJ) officials, along with Japanese police officials, directly or indirectly, knowingly and willfully, engage(d) in malicious and life- threatening concealment of clear and convincing evidence of criminal acts, and heinous abuses that inflicted grievous bodily harm on a U.S. disabled citizen, Jimmy Ryan; including serious violations of U.S. Federal law, International law, ADA Act, and Global Magnitsky Act, committed with impunity in connection with serious public corruption, economic espionage, threats to U.S. national security, presented in numerous criminal complaints made by James and Miki Ryan, Jimmy’s Parents — by trick of omission, a scheme; a federal crime 18 U.S.C. § 1001 falsifies, conceals or covers up by any trick, scheme or device a material fact.

From the vulnerable infant age of two months old to the age of nineteen years old, Japanese physicians at three different University Hospitals, including Japanese military medical officers, brutalized Jimmy Ryan like a human guinea pig in a series of torturous and lethal human experiments near-identical to the ethnic and racially and motivated human experiments conducted by Japanese UNIT 731 physicians –who cruelly brutalized tens of thousands of foreigners, and the Nazi Aktion T4 program physicians –who slaughtered 300,000 disabled people.

The motives of the Japanese University Hospitals, military medical officers, and physicians, remain unknown. E.g.: racist hate crimes, or advance medical career to publish “ground-breaking” research, or gain a understanding of biological mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of skeletal and brain development and growth of a vulnerable U.S. infant, or during early childhood, by violent plastic bag suffocation, torture and strangulation of a U.S. child (two days after threats of harm aimed at Jimmy by a high-level Japanese official), inflicting the U.S. child with years of excruciating pain, and grievous brain or bodily injuries; or to gain a particular medical know how expertise on inflicting the U.S. child with severe osteomalacia (as the Japanese drug company who is funding the doctors was involved in a criminal conspiracy stealing U.S. child’s parents U.S. and EU patents), rickets, severe bone deformities and mutilations, stunt the brain and skeletal growth of child, induce failure-to- thrive growth and development of a child in real-time by extreme and prolonged starvation of child for a Japanese drug company’s drug testing, or financial gain or all of the above.

Clear and convincing evidence proves there was never a legitimate medical or scientific or justifiable reason for Japanese physicians to pierce long needles deep into Jimmy’s brain (in anterior fontanel, eyes or nose); or to inject a 5-month-old Jimmy with a lethal dose of a death penalty drug; or for Japanese military medical officers to suffocate 11- year-old Jimmy with a plastic bag over his head, or strangle him with a string violently tightening around his neck , or withhold urgent medical care, or inflict him with a catastrophic brain injury and try to blame his father.

Clear and convincing evidence shows: the U.S. State Department, FBI, and DOJ officials willful omission (persistent gas lighting and lying to Ryan family) scheme –sets a dangerous precedent- conceals their own serious corruption, or embarrassing and/or unlawful activity (influence-peddling, abuse of power and bribery), which magically protects former U.S. officials who persistently refuse(d) to provide life saving measures for Jimmy Ryan when they knew Jimmy was near death, with his bones popped out of his body, in severe pain and/or need(ed) urgent medical intervention to save Jimmy’s life.

Clear and convincing evidence proves there was never a legitimate medical reason for Jimmy Ryan to be secretly used as an experimental mouse for JCR Pharmaceuticals’ lethal drug testing. JCR funded the malicious infliction severe life-threatening skeletal and bodily injuries, years of suffering in intense agony; starved until his bones deformed and popped out of his body -during his crucial stages of development, as crucial medical care and vital nutrition were withheld.

Clear and convincing evidence proves there was never a legitimate or justifiable reason for the U.S. State Department, FBI, and DOJ officials to knowingly, willfully and persistently engage in: gaslighting, lying, made false, fraudulent and misleading statements to James Ryan; abuse of power, corruption, and/or dangerously discriminate, or violate and/or severely deprive Jimmy Ryan of his civil rights and fundamental human rights; under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964; Ku Klux Klan Act 42 U.S.C. § 1983; 18 U.S.C. § 241; 18 U.S.C. § 242 and Americans with Disabilities Act; Fourteenth Amendment’s Equal Protection Clause.

In fact, each of the intrinsically evil human experiments had a similar modus operandi. In particular, between 1997 in 2007, and 2008 until 2016, Japanese physicians knowingly gave fake medical examinations, fabricated medical diagnoses with intent to subject Jimmy to inherently dangerous and medically unnecessary surgeries, or administered deadly drugs that almost always worsened Jimmy’s excruciating pain and suffering, or fabricated, or willfully induced and/ or aggravated the severity of Jimmys grievous bodily injuries that the physicians’ knowingly inflicted on Jimmy -as crucial medical care and vital nutrition was secretly withheld — under the guise of medical care.

2008 James and Miki Ryan with their son Jimmy right after the plastic bag suffocation — with Biotime CEO Michael West discussing takeover of Advanced Cell Technology in a project for Jimmy

The Japanese University Hospital physicians and/or military medical officers persistently engaged in gaslighting, lying, made false, fraudulent and misleading statements to James and Miki Ryan, Jimmy’s parents –or worse.

This evil fact pattern left James and Miki Ryan, Jimmy Ryan’s parents, confused, exhausted, incapacitated and suffering with fear and anxiety. The prolonged exposure to Gaslighting, enabled the Japanese physicians, and co-conspirators, to conceal from Jimmy’s parents that the physicians and/or military medical officers were knowingly subjecting Jimmy Ryan to numerous, torturous and incessantly racist human experiments that willfully inflicted Jimmy with: seven traumatic cardiac arrest events, grievous brain damage, multiple organ dysfunctions and life-threatening skeletal deformities (Jimmy’s skeletal and brain growth was stunted and atrophied), through a variety of means and methods, including but not limited to the following human rights Abuses:

Medical Atrocity I

  1. Subjected 2-month-old-infant –Jimmy- to inherently dangerous and medically unnecessary infant brain surgeries, drilled holes in his infant skull, harvested brain tissue and cerebral spinal fluid, and cut open his stomach;

Medical Atrocity II

  1. drug testing lethal dose of a death penalty drug on a 5-month-old U.S. Infant –Jimmy Ryan. Sodium Thiopental induced cardiopulmonary arrest, worsened by the willful and prolonged delay in placing infant on a ventilator; the Japanese physician tested over 50 types of epileptic drugs, experiments with psychotropic drugs, and 7 types of anesthetics of drugs on Jimmy Ryan, a U.S. infant;

Medical Atrocity III

  1. severe hypoxic brain damage inflicted by the plastic bag suffocation of 11-yr-old Jimmy; aggravated by violent strangulation of the child with a string tightened around the child’s neck; also, the officers withheld urgent medical care, tried to conceal the atrocity but got caught lying more than 26 times –in a failed attempt to falsely accuse James Ryan, Jimmy’s father, for the suffocation atrocity.

Likely Motives of Atrocity III and Background Facts:

Jimmy’s suffocation atrocity was just two days after a high-level Japanese (FBRI) government official, Nakajima Yoshiko, had aimed threats of harm at Jimmy Ryan to coerce his parents, James and Miki Ryan, to cover-up evidence of millions in alleged fraud, conspiracy, corruption and misconduct of top RIKEN scientists (Prof. Yoshiki Sasai Prof. Nishikawa, and H. Niwa-same team involved in STAP cell fraud) that benefitted the official’s spouse, and top officials from two of Japan’s most powerful scientific institutions (RIKEN and FBRI) — funded into the billions.

In July 2014, Prof. Yoshiki Sasai, one of the top RIKEN scientists, phoned Miki Ryan, Jimmy’s Mother, to confess that the IBRI official and others had instructed a medical officer to torture Jimmy. Prof. Sasai claimed that a military medical officer was ordered to pierce long needles deep into Jimmy Ryan’s brain through his eyes, harvested brain tissue and blood as 11-yr-old Jimmy was tortured -to near death;

Prof. Yoshiki Sasai claimed the IBRI official Nakajima Yoshiko, and co-conspirators, also instructed Nihon University pediatric physicians to conduct lethal brain and skeletal (stunt/atrophy) development and growth experiments on Jimmy for JCR Pharmaceuticals drug testing in subsequent human experiments (IV).

Miki Ryan, Jimmy’s Mother, initially did not believe Prof. Sasai until he was found to have tragically hung himself, from a waist-high hand rail, just over a week after confessing. Jimmy was also found with a red strangle mark around his neck.

Overwhelming evidence proves the U.S. State Department, U.S. Embassy Tokyo, FBI knowingly and willfully engages in racial and ethnic discrimination, along with Japanese Police officials, knowingly failed to act on their legal duty to protect Jimmy’s life and human rights by willful omission

Medical Atrocity IV

  1. extreme and prolonged (six excruciatingly painful years) severe starvation -of Jimmy Ryan- human experiments that purposely inflicted Jimmy with severe osteomalacia, critically softened, atrophied, and stunted Jimmy’s skeletal and brain growth for JCR pharmaceuticals drug testing experiments. The severe malnutrition (severe wasting) human experiments during his crucial childhood stages of growth and development purposely deprived Jimmy of the minimum calories needed to sustain his vital organ function, brain and skeletal growth or life. The pediatric unit willfully aggravated Jimmy’s grievous bodily harm by with- holding crucial medical care, essential nutrition, and all exposure to sunlight. The torturous medical experiments inflicted Jimmy with life-threatening skeletal deformities and excruciating painful grievous bodily injuries, and intentionally shortened Jimmy’s life.

Background Facts and Likely Motives of Medical Atrocity IV

Irrefutable evidence proves Nakajima Yoshiko, the FBRI official, coordinated a criminal conspiracy with JCR Pharmaceuticals, including Kasahara Motohiro, Akira Kitagawa, and Prof. S Kinoshita with malicious intent to sabotage James Ryan’s (Jimmy’s father) U.S. business with Forticell Biosciences, stealing U.S. and EU patents exclusively licensed to Arblast-USA, a biotech company established by Ryan family to help their son, Jimmy.

JCR Pharmaceuticals was sponsoring the pediatric unit conducting the lethal experiments on Jimmy for JCR drug testing– during their criminal conspiracy.

Nakajima Yoshiko is the same official who aimed threats at Jimmy Ryan -to intimidate James and Miki Ryan (Jimmy’s parents) to cover up evidence of a $7 million in alleged fraud- two days before Jimmy was tortured and suffocated.

Irrefutable evidence proves: during the IBRI official’s coordinated conspiracy to defame James Ryan and steal patents licensed to his Arblast-USA, biotech company, Jimmy Ryan was secretly being starved and brutalized by JCR Pharmaceuticals funded doctors at Nihon University Hospital: Japanese police officials engaged in the unlawful harassment and intimidation of Jimmy’s mother: “Shut up or we’ll find a reason to indict you”.

James Ryan, Jimmy’s Father, was detained and threatened by Japanese police for nearly 8 exhaustive hours: “you will not return home to your family”, if he refused to sign the Japanese police -false confession- (unreadable) documents;

There is clear and convincing evidence to prove FBRI and JCR pharmaceuticals were acting in concert with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, Inc. (MUFG)- a JCR pharmaceuticals major investor and shareholder, and also with Japanese police officials, to unlawfully sabotage the Ryan family’s livelihood, and U.S. business.

MUFG willfully stole James Ryan’s bank money, unlawfully sabotaged Seldon Technology Japan business — a carbon nanotech startup established by James Ryan; knowingly and willfully published false and defamatory lies for 9 years; falsely accusing James Ryan of serious crimes -which MUFG company had committed- with intent to damage our U.S. Ryan family reputation, and U.S. businesses -as Jimmy was tortured and mutilated by JCR Pharmaceuticals funded doctor.

MUFG is a major shareholder of JCR Pharmaceuticals. MUFG willfully inflicted irreparable harm to the Ryan family reputation and sabotaged JCR adversary, Arblast USA.

MUFG and FBRI are key collaborators. JCR Pharmaceuticals is a key member of FBRI-The Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation is the main coordinating organization and largest life science cluster of research institutes & hospitals, over 275 biomedical companies in Kobe, Japan. Nakajima Yoshiko’s, Institution.

JCR Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. is an adversary of James Ryan (Jimmy’s father), primarily engaged in pharmaceuticals and regenerative medicine. GROWJECT® is JCR’s main profitable drug, approved as an effective treatment to improve the growth of children suffering from short stature stunted growth caused rickets and osteomalacia caused by severe starvation, malnutrition (deprivation of essential nutrition), or vitamin D deficiency during crucial stages of child growth; also growth hormone deficiency in children suffering stunted growth.

Clear and convincing evidence proves Mizuho Securities, along with Rakuten, purposefully lied to James and Miki Ryan to steal the Ryan family trade secrets in regenerative medicine. Mizuho executives knew Jimmy survived suffocation atrocity, with a grievous brain injury, and dependent on life-support.

FBRI and Mizuho Bank are key collaborators. Mizuho Bank is a key member of FBRI-The Foundation for Biomedical Research and Innovation. Mizuho executives continuously communicated to James and Miki Ryan that Rakuten Inc., agreed to invest capital into the Ryan family’s proprietary “Project Ryan” trade secrets. Mizuho entered into a confidentiality agreement with James and Miki Ryan. James and Miki Ryan spent nearly one year and family savings to train Mizuho executives, believing Rakuten was helping Jimmy. Mizuho executives admitted to unlawfully transferring “Project Ryan” trade secrets — took Ryan family years to develop to their South Korean affiliates -during the period brutal human experiments were secretly inflicted on Jimmy.

The family have exhausted all possible options in Japan. They have repeatedly filed criminal complaints over many years. Japan Government corruption has elevated to “Crimes against Humanity”, by cover-up of said human rights violations by Government officials’ acquiescence. They have three courts cases ongoing for nearly three years and are maliciously blocked from access to the media-to plead the public for urgent help.

Japan (a signatory of international Criminal court), has legal, ethical and moral obligations to uphold international human rights laws, and to enforce rule of law. Japan has legal and ethical obligations to investigate our criminal complaints and incontrovertible evidence of barbaric and serious international crimes committed in Japan against an American family.

The Japanese Constitution states that treaties shall be faithfully observed. Conventional scholarship maintains that, so long as Japan ratifies and duly publishes the treaty, international law has domestic legal force in Japan. The Rome Statute, which established the international Criminal court, has been ratified by Japan. Japan has international legal and moral obligations to prosecute and bring to justice those responsible for any such heinous crimes, including, crimes against humanity, and that no one who commits such horrific crimes of torture and human experimentation will escape the consequences.

Our family, especially our son, has suffered severe irreparable harm from the unimaginably cruel Inhumane acts, torture and barbaric human experimentation intentionally inflicted on our only U.S. son; severe persecution, and other egregious violations of our human rights and judicial corruption elevated to “Crimes Against Humanity”, and by the cover-up of human rights violations, by gross negligent and malicious inaction of Japan Government official’s legal obligations to uphold international law.

These heinous atrocities, and other severe violations of our fundamental human rights contrary to international law, are recklessly covered-up, as a direct result of grossly negligent inaction of Japan police agency officials, and the acquiescence of the Japanese government officials, who have intentionally, repeatedly and dangerously failed in their legal, and moral obligations, and primary authority and responsibility to uphold international law, as they persistently refuse to launch proper criminal investigations into irrefutable evidence of atrocities committed on a U.S. child in Japan.

The refusal of the Japan government, Japan’s Ministry of Health and Welfare, the Minister of Justice and Japan police agency officials to utilize their prerogative afforded by Universal Declaration of Human Rights, International Covenant on Civil Rights, and Declaration of Basic Principles of Justice for Victims of Crime and Abuse of Power, inter alia, to fulfill their obligations to protect’ an innocent U.S. child renders them complicit in the horrific international human rights violations under their omission of action.

Under the State Redress Act (Act №125 of October 27, 1947); Article 7 (7) When a public officer who exercises the public authority of the State or of a public entity has, in the course of his/her duties, unlawfully inflicted damage on another person intentionally or negligently, the State or public entity shall assume the responsibility to compensate therefor).

It is in the best interests of the American public that the urgent pleas for help and criminal complaints are taken seriously and no longer disregarded and covered-up. The crimes must be handled with proper perspective and proportionality of another international tragic news events:

1. American white national, Otto Warmbier, was tortured by North Korea, who they withheld medical treatment, causing severe brain damage that left him locked in a vegetative state. Otto Warmbier, born on December 12, 1994, died just over a week after being flown home to Ohio after having spent a year suffering from a severe brain injury, from alleged claims that Warmbier was beaten and tortured in captivity, and was denied medical treatment. $1.05 billion in damages was sought by Otto Warmbier’s parents, and their son’s estate. They were awarded more than $501 million for fatally mistreating Otto Warmbier and that caused his death.

“Jimmy Anthony Ryan, born on December 9, 1996, certainly, the horrifying case of my Hispanic American son, merits a comparable grave concern by our representatives in government, before Jimmy dies! There is no difference between the value of life of these American youths. We seek justice and launch a “Moonshot” effort to try and save Jimmy. We pray to show the world that every human being can survive years of torture, atrocious persecution, gruesome human experimentation and gross violations of international law.”

“We plead For HELP to rescue children suffering from abuse and human experiments. The NPO will be announcing a lawsuit will be filed, seeking USD $2 Billion in damages at a U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C.”

Vincent Lyn

CEO & Founder of We Can Save Children

Deputy Ambassador of International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)

Director of Creative Development at African Views Organization

Economic & Social Council at United Nations (ECOSOC)

Editor-in-Chief at Wall Street News Agency

Rescue & Recovery Specialist at International Confederation of Police & Security Experts



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Vincent Lyn

CEO-We Can Save Children. Director Creative Development-African Views Organization, ECOSOC at United Nations. International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)