By David Thomas & Vincent Lyn

Deputy Ambassador Vincent Lyn International Human Rights Commission and Economic & Social Council at United Nations and Journalist David Thomas

This is News with David Thomas

My name is David Thomas I am a Citizen journalist in America who uses Journalism as a form of activism in America and in my community as well as globally to connect and educate people to the issues that we encounter in our world. I have frequently Interviewed Mr. Lyn who I ironically met over a decade ago when I was losing a Jiu-jitsu match at a Martial Arts Tournament in Ohio.

We filmed 6 Interviews over the course of Mr. Lyn’s Humanitarian Mission to the Ukraine. The origin of the idea to film a docuseries of his mission began on March 15th 2022 when I interviewed Mr. Lyn about his recent Mission to Syria and our Interview Not only focused on the Syrian Civil war and the Plight of Syrian Orphans amid the unrest and devastation in the Middle east, but also touched on what Putin’s game plan could possibly be to want to invade the Ukraine as well as would the United Nations actually intervene and do more than talk.

Each episode of our docuseries became increasingly hard to film as stories of war Crimes and the devastating effects of the war on Ukraine’s Women and children were unearthed. Strategic Bombings of Train stations filled with Civilians as well as towns who had been occupied by Russian soldiers and the murders and Rapes of innocent Civilians.

To be quite honest half way thru the docuseries I wanted to stop, but pressed on as I felt that the stories of what is happening to innocent Ukrainian Woman and Children must be told.

From our Interviews I learned that Russia’s war Plans are to focus on what I call “Historical and Generational Intimidation” That Is they hope to leave a mark culturally in the Ukraine by focusing on the Rape, abuse and torture of Women and Children as well as Civilians, so that generations of Ukrainians will be talking about and fearful of the Russians.

Many things are taking place right now the good is that neighboring countries like Latvia are taking in Ukrainian Refugees, Women and Children, and helping them to get homes and jobs and new Lives. The horrible of it is that Human traffickers are also targeting Refugees who are escaping and Kidnapping them to be used in Human Sex Trafficking in Europe.

The most difficult interview with Mr. Lyn was when he described a bus of children he encountered who had all of their teeth Knocked out by Russian Soldiers and who also had been Raped. It was by then that I knew that this was more than just War for Putin.

Our docuseries with the help of an Amazing editor from Mount Union College Named Josh Evans helped us to create a fleshed out Documentary that is around 10 minutes in length that I called “ Into Darkness, an in depth look at Russia’s war Crimes against The Women and Children of the Ukraine.”

The Only Light in Into Darkness is the part where Vincent Lyn and his team are actually able to rescue and help some refugees escape. One refugee was a woman with two small children, who if it were not for the efforts of Lyn’s humanitarian Mission could’ve quite possibly become another victim to the wolves of Human Trafficking.

At the end of this docuseries we post a picture of that woman her two children and Mr. Lyn and to this day that picture haunts me.

It is a painful reminder of who suffers the Brunt of war the most, and that is the Earths Children.

Mr. Lyn’s Humanitarian mission was to deliver food and supplies to the Ukrainian’s, help refugees escape and create dialogue with neighboring countries diplomats and leaders to support this exodus and to report to the United Nations and the Human Rights Commission what he saw firsthand and learned from the Ukrainian people.

Mr. Lyn and a team will be going back to the Ukraine in July on a second Humanitarian Mission.

Vincent Lyn

CEO/Founder at We Can Save Children

Director of Creative Development at African Views Organization

Economic & Social Council at United Nations

Editor in Chief at Wall Street News Agency

Rescue & Recovery Specialist at International Confederation of Police & Security Experts



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Vincent Lyn

Vincent Lyn

CEO-We Can Save Children. Director Creative Development-African Views Organization, ECOSOC at United Nations. International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)