By Vincent Lyn

As the world roars past 11 million cases and 525,000 deaths, with the U.S at 3 million cases and 132,000 deaths anyone who is still saying that this is all a conspiracy or a hoax needs to get their head out of their ass. Though those are the same Cov-idiots who refuse to wear a face mask and want their Free-Dumb and no doubt know more than the scientists and epidemiologists do. But when you have a complete buffoon in the White House spouting lies telling his cult members to drink bleach you know we are doomed.

“As I watch the Pandemic spread its ugly face across the world, including the tremendous damage it has done to the USA, I become more and more angry at China.” - Donald J. Trump

Sorry to remind you Mr. Trump, China wasn’t in charge of the U.S response. You were. Every other country got it under control, but you were too busy pretending it wasn’t real. That’s on you and therefore 130,000+ deaths are on you. How does it feel being the mass murderer you are and now we find a traitor to boot knowing full well that bounties were being placed on American soldiers lives fighting in Afghanistan. Americans, who fought and died for this countries freedom including yours. You though should spend the rest of your meaningless life in Fort Leavenworth. Though the real question is why are we letting one man systematically destroy the nation right before our eyes?

So here we are people and for those of you who are on the same page as me, our resolve is surely being tested.

I left NYC on March 18th and headed to Florida to stay with my father, knowing full well the train wreck that was approaching the city. And yes like a tsunami the virus swept over NYC devastating it and so far claiming well over 420,000 cases and 32,000 deaths. Florida seemed like a safe haven and for the time being it was, but it was only a matter of time. Now the tables have turned with the southern states of which Florida is accruing the most cases climbing at an exponential rate of over 10,000 per day.

I was very much aware of the impending pandemic at the end of December 2019 when it was being labeled the Wuhan Virus. Only countries like Taiwan, Vietnam, South Korea, New Zealand, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Norway and Thailand are winning the fight against the virus. Why? Simply because they have tested, diligently contact traced, required everyone to wear a face mask, immediately quarantined people who have become infected and the citizens are disciplined and listen to good solid bold leadership. It’s not such a difficult thing to do, but the U.S could be compared to a failed state for its downright and utterly lamentable failure right from the very beginning, even though it had over two months to prepare. I mean Pakistan has faired better. WTH? But let me not digress, as we well know the facts by now.

Three months in Florida was peaceful and tranquil but I needed to get back to NYC and on June 7th flew back. Being back in the Big Apple the city that never sleeps has relatively become a ghost town except for the protests that continue, the booming fireworks that have kept me up every night since returning and the dramatic increase of a crime wave that compares to the 1970’s. My time in Florida even though I was indoors mostly except for my morning swim the thought of having to get back on a plane and traveling on the subway and metro north I felt it made sense to have the COVID-19 test. The science tells us that about 10% of the current population has been infected, and in order for herd immunity to kick in that seems the current administration has opted for. They care little for its constituents or it seems the economy that has also been wrecked beyond belief with nearly 50 million unemployed, tens of thousands of businesses lost and countless lives shattered. But remember in order for herd immunity to kick in we need at least 70% of the population to become infected and herd immunity may not even be a thing? Too many ‘mild’ cases that only have short burst of antibody creation, if any at all. Either we are in no way even close to that and this only tells us that the virus is still in its early stages. Yes early stages!

I rode my bike over to the medical clinic to try and get first in line for the 8am opening. There was a line already forming around the block about two dozen or so people as well as a few couples and families. We all waited patiently outside wearing face masks and in an orderly well socially distanced queue. That much I have noticed being back in NYC 90% of people are wearing masks though yes you see the usual bunch wearing it below their noses or around their neck. But as a whole its good to see people are being proactive but I’m wondering how long that will last?

After waiting about an hour I went inside the clinic wrote in my data and though they asked for health insurance both tests were free at this particular location in Brooklyn. In some clinics if you don’t have insurance both tests cost about $200. I was shown into the examination room. The nurse was extremely friendly took my temperature and blood pressure. She also told me she was from Grenada studying to become a Doctor at the University of Buffalo in upstate New York. Presently, no doubt like everyone across the globe she’s having to study online. I was quite shocked asking when classes will resume and she said the University has made the decision to resume in September 2021. She took my blood and then the Doctor came in and proceeded to do the nasal swab sticking a long Q-Tip half way into my brain. But I admit it really wasn’t as bad as some people think. So I got two tests one for COVID-19 and the other to check for antibodies. Before leaving they told me because of an influx of more people being tested that the results would take a week.

We certainly are living in a strange reality. But our only choice is to adapt and move forward with style. But many people are having trouble doing just that, and it’s obvious many are completely losing their proverbial minds trying to adjust. Sadly for them they will flounder and eventually drown.

I was checking some recent statistics and to my surprise found that over 9 million Americans live abroad. Interestingly enough in the past 5 years on average around 5,000 American citizens a year have renounced their citizenship which is an all time high. I have a feeling both these numbers are going to dramatically increase between now and this time next year.

The future of America looks dismal as it does bleak and I for one have no faith in not only its pathetic leadership but also in the direction the country is heading. I see no more reason to remain living in what was once a beautiful, vibrant, rich and diverse country. And though this country has indeed been good to me, sometimes things change and indeed we change. We all must choose our path and I have certainly chosen mine. The world is your oyster.

I will miss my students and certain colleagues and close friends and they certainly know who they are. I wish you all well and continued health and many blessings.

To be continued somewhere else.


Vincent Lyn

CEO/Founder at We Can Save Children

Director of Creative Development at African Views Organization

Economic & Social Council at United Nations

Middle East Correspondent at Wall Street News Agency

Rescue & Recovery Specialist at International Confederation of Police & Security Experts



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Vincent Lyn

CEO-We Can Save Children. Director Creative Development-African Views Organization, ECOSOC at United Nations. International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)