By Vincent Lyn

We’re on the verge of civil war in America. Why? Because if you take away the forums of democracy you don’t have anything left.

In 2019, the national bipartisan Battleground Civility Poll by the Georgetown Institute of Politics and Public Service revealed that, “the average voter believes the U.S. is two-thirds of the way to the edge of Civil War.

The United States of America has undergone sufficient political polarization for a civil war and certainly is on the brink. America is again a nation with increasing cultural divides hammered home by a corrupt political system that cares more for power than its citizens, the possibility of mending this divide seems less and less likely. An armed uprising of some sort, a second civil war is no longer just the fodder of radical and the ridiculous. It now looms in the popular consciousness, touted in headlines and alluded to in Presidential tweets. Now, however emboldened by a racist, classist, extremist, liar of a president and an increasing trend toward domestic terrorism by pathetic white males they have now found themselves with more of a voice.

The world is in the early stages of a global pandemic with more than 370,000 deaths worldwide of which over 105,000 are in the U.S. Yet as we try to find a way to reopen the country, the divide on how that’s to be done is sorely abysmal. This country can’t even agree on basic human principles instead people scream and curse and fight over whether to wear a simple facemask as they say it infringes on their basic human rights, such pathetic entitlement. Yet it goes way beyond that, the racial divide has always been increasingly marred in America. It has never come to terms with itself since the Civil War and no political backbone to ameliorate this emerging anger. Many say it always has been this way, except now it can be filmed. As what happened in Minneapolis, the heinous murder of George Floyd by Derek M. Chauvin a police officer that has now been arrested. These brutal crimes that have been committed by the police force on mostly the African American community across the country have gone on for way too long. It reminds me when I lived in Los Angeles in 1992 during the trial of Rodney King and what happened when the 4 officers were acquitted. L.A burned for 4 days with 63 deaths, 2, 283 injuries, 12,111 arrests and over 17,000 buildings being torched. Here we are again now in Minneapolis and sparking off similar protests that have led to rioting across the country. I can tell you if the officers are not convicted of murder the citizens will raze the city to the ground possibly igniting a chain reaction of events that will change the landscape of America.

The USA is truly exceptional unlike any other country on earth. I can say that unequivocally having traveled extensively and lived in many parts of the world. It is like no other country on earth bar none. All countries want to prosper and live in peace and harmony with their neighbors. To be open and able to deal with disputes and resolve conflicts fairly and properly with neutralization and to further the welfare of each individual as well as the wellbeing of mankind as a whole. Except it seems for the USA. They only want war, killing, theft and chaos.

They are willing to destroy their own country to be able to do this. It is run by a group of inmates of an insane asylum. The USA is bombing civilians in Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan and Somalia. The USA is floating back and forth in the South China Sea trying to find somebody to shoot at. They are supporting Nazis in Ukraine. They have many democratic countries around the world under sanctions in order to starve the people. The USA is floating up and down the Persian Gulf trying to provoke Iran. The USA is stealing oil from the middle of Syria. They are threatening their allies in Europe and Canada. The USA cries when some of their mercenaries get arrested while invading Venezuela to kidnap their democratically elected leader.

The USA meddles in elections around the world, even in countries considered to be allies. (U.K. and Canada). They stomp around the world assassinating high-ranking officials from other countries. They tear up all international agreements written and signed to keep our world a safer place to live in. They are floating around in the Black Sea trying to provoke Russia. Trump is burning Syria’s wheat fields to stop the farmers from eating. They are funding and supporting and supplying arms to Al Qaeda and ISIS in Iraq and Syria. They steal the wealth of many African nations. They are floating back and forth in the Caribbean Sea hoping to stop trade between Venezuela and Iran. No doubt the USA is the largest insane asylum on our planet. It’s run by inmates that are are no better than cockroaches. As for Trump he is an animal but much worse, as animals would never stoop so low. There is no worse scum on the planet than one would burn a countries wheat fields.

In November 2016 Trump was given his chance to Make America Great Again. But according to him he’s okay with 100,000 dying and that we have done a good job. If this is a good job I can’t imagine what would be considered bad. We have 20% unemployment with over 40 million Americans now unemployed. What is grotesque is that corporations and the wealthy receive billions of dollars in emergency aid while the rest get a measly $1,200 check and many haven’t even received that as yet. And while 41 million people have lost their jobs due to COVID-19, U.S. Billionaires wealth grew nearly $500 billion richer.

Armed white supremacists storm the state capital while the police stand by like a security detail. Journalists are arrested for practicing journalism. Politicians fail to disclose their own virus exposure and infection status to their political rival colleagues while simultaneously claiming there is no danger. Food scarcity and supply shortages, while medical care is rationed.

Key sections of our first amendment are breached by executive order. Pardons clemency and home arrest for wealthy and connected convicted felons. Rhetoric of threats, belligerence, racism, misogyny, xenophobia, homophobia routinely flow from the Oval Office. Trump has told over 18,000 lies since being in office and what’s remarkable is the steady increase in his lying on public-facing platforms such as Twitter, in speeches, and during remarks. Trump seems impervious to the threat of detection or harsh public opinion. He continues to deceive at record-setting rates using forums that amplify his lies, rather than hide them.

Trump had his chance and come November vote him out!

If the U.S. is on the verge of another civil war then let the chips fall where they may.

Stay Safe And Healthy

Always Be A Hard Target

Vincent Lyn

CEO/Founder at We Can Save Children

Director of Creative Development at African Views Organization

Economic & Social Council at United Nations

Rescue & Recovery Specialist at International Confederation of Police & Security Experts



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Vincent Lyn

CEO-We Can Save Children. Director Creative Development-African Views Organization, ECOSOC at United Nations. International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)