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By Vincent Lyn


I joined a demonstration in support of the Palestinian cause, which culminated in a gathering outside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Oslo. Thousands of individuals came together to express solidarity for a liberated Palestine, echoing chants such as “Free Free Palestine” and “From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.” Similar to the momentum witnessed in London, the movement for Palestinian solidarity continues to surge across Europe, intensifying with each passing moment. During the event, I had the opportunity to engage with numerous Palestinians. Contrary to the narratives perpetuated by mainstream Western media, those I spoke with overwhelmingly supported Hamas and the mission to liberate Palestine from what they perceived as imperial warmongers. It was evident that individuals from diverse backgrounds, spanning different ages, beliefs, and ethnicities, turned out in large numbers to voice their support.

The nation founded on a foundation of bloodshed and malevolence is destined for a short existence. The prison break on October 7th last year only hastened the inevitable downfall of the Israeli project.

Just as the world continues to harbor abhorrence towards the Nazis decades after the Holocaust, the atrocities committed by Israel, witnessed in real-time through ubiquitous mobile technology, ensure they will never escape condemnation.

The internet may not be able to erase or delete the evidence of genocide technologically, but it resides indelibly in the collective consciousness of humanity worldwide.

The perpetrators, a minority group of Zionists comprising perhaps well below one percent of the global population, including Western politicians, will never find absolution. From Brazil to Japan, from London to Oslo, the memory of the genocide is etched in the minds of people everywhere, ensuring it will never be forgotten.

Israel might prevail temporarily, perhaps thwarting the establishment of a Palestinian state or relocating Palestinians to Sinai while creating new settlements for their Zionist settlers from Europe. But how sustainable is Israel’s defiance against global consensus? First and foremost, can Israel withstand the world’s pressure single-handedly? The resounding answer is NO!

Israel’s existence hinges largely on U.S. military and political support. When the U.S. inevitably withdraws its aid, can Arab nations remain silent? Devoid of U.S. backing, Israel could be swiftly dealt with. It’s no longer 1948 or 1967 when the populations of Muslim countries were economically disadvantaged or hesitant to act.

They refuse to inherit the timidity of their forebears. And it’s not just Muslims; the entire globe has observed the West’s dominance and its malevolence. Witnessing how they’ve drained resources from other regions, enslaved populations, installed puppet regimes, and then lamented about immigration…

Do you believe Zionists will find safety worldwide, even in the wake of the global witnessing of genocide? Do you think people will simply move on and embrace Zionists globally, despite bearing witness to their heinous crimes?

In closing, billions across the globe stand in solidarity with the Palestinians solely on the grounds of shared humanity. They refuse to remain passive witnesses to the unfathomable brutality of unrestricted bombings targeting innocent children and civilians, following a deliberate deprivation of basic necessities such as food, water, medicine, and fuel, alongside obstructing humanitarian aid.

The Pro-Palestine demonstration ended in front of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs — Oslo

The fact that over 50 nations have brought the Palestinian cause to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) underscores the widespread condemnation of this unjust occupation. It serves as a stark testament to how the international community perceives such acts of injustice, cruelty, barbarism, and oppression.

In this era of ubiquitous internet access, the dissemination of harrowing images across every handheld device will serve to expose the atrocities committed, ultimately holding Israel and its supporters accountable for these egregious acts of genocide.

Vincent Lyn

(All photos courtesy of Vincent Lyn)

CEO & Founder of We Can Save Children

Deputy Ambassador of International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)

Director of Creative Development at African Views Organization

Economic & Social Council at United Nations (ECOSOC)

Rescue & Recovery Specialist at International Confederation of Police & Security Experts



Vincent Lyn

CEO-We Can Save Children. Director Creative Development-African Views Organization, ECOSOC at United Nations. International Human Rights Commission (IHRC)